The health, safety and well being of all our pupils and staff at Oldfleet Primary School is paramount.

The designated teachers for Safeguarding children at Oldfleet Primary School are:

Mrs V Mounsor         



Mr A Conlon              


All policies in relation to health, safety and well being of pupils at Oldfleet Primary School are available on request.


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy




Child Protection Information and Procedures for Visitors to Oldfleet Primary School


Head Teacher: Mr A Conlon                           


Child Protection Co-ordinator: Mrs V Mounsor


If you have any concerns about a child with whom you are working, you should first inform the class teacher or phase leader who will pass on the information to the Child Protection Officer.

You should write down exactly what has occurred/was said, without questioning the child, be specific and do not infer anything. The report will need to be signed and dated.

If the teacher or phase leader is not available the report/incident/concern must be given to the Child Protection Co-ordinator or Head Teacher.

The school adheres to the Hull Safeguarding Children's Board Child Protection Guidelines, a copy of which is available in the staffroom or the Head's office.

If you over hear a racist comment, or a racial incident please inform the class teacher or Head Teacher as soon as possible. Please write down clearly what occurred as the Head Teacher must have evidence. Please sign and record.


Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism

Op Encompass Poster

Sexting and Youth Produced Sexual Imagery in Schools

Staying Safe Online Leaflet