Sport and healthy lifestyles

At Oldfleet Primary School we take healthy lifestyles very seriously. In addition to the compulsory swimming lessons at Year 4,  all other year groups, with the exception of Y1, undertake an annual three week swimming course. Year 1 pupils can take advantage of a special swimming scheme organised by school alongside the NHS. Any pupil who shows promise as a competitive swimmer can access Kingston upon Hull Swimming Club for a reduced fee for an initial period of time.

We also have a successful partnership with a local sports coaching organisation that provides instruction in PE for pupils in Year 1 to Year 6. In addition to formal lessons, which are jointly led by school staff, Sportsability also offer a range of after school sports clubs.

Pupils in Year 6 are now given the opportunity to complete a Level 1 sailing course at Welton Waters. The course runs alongside the school wide swimming instruction and provides a tangible link to the sea faring traditions of the city.

All pupils in Reception to Y6 follow a half termly programme of dance which is led by the Northern Academy for Performing Arts. Each Year group showcase their production at the end of the half term period. 



Sports Planner 2018/2019