Promoting Positive Behaviour

In October 2019 we introduced Class Dojo as a way of rewarding children for their good behaviour.

Staff reward positive behaviour on their Class Dojo webpage - and parents can track their child's progress via the Class Dojo app.

When pupils have been awarded 500 Dojo points they can exchange them for a book from the reward cabinet in the dining hall.

To get an access code for your child's Class Dojo results contact the school office.

What is Good Behaviour?

We believe that by rewarding effort children will be motivated to develop excellent learning behaviours.  We call these behaviours our eight 'Learning Muscles'.

  1. Be Curious - ask questions

  2. Concentrate - focus on each task

  3. Cooperate - support each other

  4. Don't Give Up - bounce back from failure

  5. Enjoy Learning - face challenges with a smile

  6. Have a Go! - enjoy trying new things

  7. Keep Improving - strive for better things

  8. Use Your Imagination - create new solutions 

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